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"In October 2003, I met a predator or I decided to offer myself entirely to him and to My desire. It hurt so much afterwards that I thought I was about to die. Not that I was forseeing me killing myself. No, not that kind of scenario but I experienced a feeling of self-dying: a heart exploded in thousand pieces as crystal. The feeling of a heart exploded in thousand pieces as crystal was most violent and pure. I saw a distressful baby, with irritated skin red, out of reach, helpless.

Couple of weeks later, when heart was more a wrung one, I saw a 25 years-old young woman with blond hair and glasses. She was showing pictures of her children and ex-boy friend. I immediately thought that it must be awfully painfull to have a look at these pictures. She synchronically left the table showing her profile. She was crying.

Distance from me to her, distance from her to photographs. I am moving ahead in the way I see things, but I don’t control the rythm of it. It just happens thanks to going through Obscurity periods of time."

Émilie Danchin

Remerciements particuliers à Camille Raverdy, comédienne

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